A Funny Way to Display Teamwork

This creative and funny clip is one of my favorite teamwork videos. A comedy duo – Johhny and Chachi - take a simple idea and build it into a humorous and memorable message about what makes a great team.

These two guys are purposely wearing wigs and being funny but they make some good points about teamwork.

What makes the video quirky and unique is that the duo uses technology to duplicate themselves to represent more people on the team. One singing on his own isn’t anything special but when another ‘team member’ is added to the mix, the harmony starts to come together. As more voices are added the ‘team’ as a whole begins to sound much better. Without each new voice, there would be something missing.

I like this video because it conveys some important points in a lighthearted way:

  • Every team member has a voice
  • No one needs to outshine the others on a team
  • We can make harmony together when we work as one unit
  • All team members make an important contribution to the final result

The video’s playful approach is likely to appeal to nearly any audience. The video also uses a couple of powerful teamwork quotes:

'No Man is an Island' and 'None of us is as smart as all of us.'

None of us really stand alone. Even when we think we are separate from others or working independently, others around us are contributing in various ways to the outcomes we achieve.

By actively collaborating with other people, we can achieve more greatness than if we try to go it alone.

As this video shows, harmonies are only possible when each person plays their part!

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Love it!
by: Anonymous

I am going to use this in my next training

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