You’ve found a team building treasure trove…

Looking for ideas for your next corporate team building event? Or inspiration for ways to improve teamwork? Maybe you're short on time. Or fresh ideas just aren't flowing.

If that's true, I know how you feel.

I manage a real team on a day-to-day basis.

Group holding hands

If you're like me, you want everything at your fingertips. So I've put together a wealth of teambuilding information on this site.

Plus there's a place to add your teambuilding stories and be inspired by the experiences of others.

Read on, and you'll find:

I can’t tell you what teambuilding strategy will be best for your team. You're the one with the best understanding of your group's personality styles, the team dynamics and what you want to achieve.

But building a high performing and happy work team should be a little easier with the following information and inspiration …

Happy Teambuilding!

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Best Team Building Directory. Find Great Teambuilding Companies
The best team building companies and consultants are now easy to discover with the help of our global team building directory.
Team Building Quotes to Inspire You and Your Team!
Team building quotes can be both motivational and thought-provoking. This collection of 200+ team quotes makes it so easy to use quotations in your teambuilding activities.
Use these Really Cool Websites to Share Your Team Building Stories
These really cool websites make web photo and video sharing, creating a photo collage, and other creative ways to share your team building stories easy and fun!
Cool Team Names ... Lets Create the Best Team Names List!
Check out these ideas for cool team names! Share your team story and your fun, creative or amusing team names with other website visitors.
TeamTube! Teamwork Videos to Inspire and Build Workplace Cooperation
Watch great teamwork videos here on TeamTube! ... my personal collection of favourite and inspiring videos about building good teamwork, collaboration, and cooperation.
Corporate Team Building Activities ... Imagine the Possibilities!
Hundreds of corporate team building activities are available. Our list of options provides you ideas about possible fun group activities.
Training Ice breakers. Fun group games to start your training
I've participated in many training ice breakers during my working life so far. Sometimes the simplest exercises are the most effective, especially when strangers meet for the first time.
Free Team Building Activities. Ideas for Fun Team Building Exercises
These free team building activities will provide ideas to assist you develop teamwork, motivation and have fun at the same time.
Team Building Articles and Books ... Recommended Reading
Team building articles and books have helped me through several leadership challenges. See my collection ...
Team Building Questions & Answers
Have team building questions? We answer some common queries, plus share ideas for questions to use in your next teambuilding activity.
Team Building Tools and Resources to Multiply Your Results
Team building tools and resources can increase your effectiveness. This whole website is really one big teambuilding tool to assist you get the results you want!
Need a Team Building Consultant? Or Team Facilitation Services?
Looking for a team building consultant to carry out some structured team facilitation or work with your team on improving work performance?
Motivation in the Workplace ... Inspiration for Team Motivation
Everyone wants high levels of motivation in the workplace. Here we share some employee motivation ideas for achieving high team performance.
DIY Team Building Ideas and Activities
Fun team building ideas and activities that you can run yourself are a great way to save time and money. Not sure how? These resources make it easy...
Teamwork Quotes Showcase. Products with Motivational Inspirational Team Quotes
Teamwork quotes are featured on heaps of great products to help you inspire, motivate and succeed. No time to go looking? We have convenient links to these resources plus a great quote collection.
Teamwork Posters. Best Teamwork Motivational Posters and Prints
Our specialised teamwork posters collection brings together the best motivational posters for teams in one online store. No need to hunt all over the web!
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Team Building Sailing Information ...Sailing Ideas for Groups
Looking for sailing information? Sailing days, classes and pleasure cruises are all ideal for getting people out of their usual environment.Try a corporate sailing day or other team sailing ideas...
The Importance of Teamwork in Sales
If you talk to high-performing sales teams, you’ll usually be told The importance of teamwork is to attracting and retaining customers.

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